Life has changed and so has pumping!

Life has changed and so has pumping!

We bring you hands-free wearable breast pumps because mums have a lot going on and frankly deserve better! 

No one wants to be sitting half naked next to an electrical outlet preparing food for their baby; or have to choose between pumping and all the other things they could be doing because they cannot be fully dressed while pumping.

Life has changed and so has pumping! 

Funmi wearable breast pumps are rechargeable, portable and come with hands-free milk collection cups worn in your bra allowing you to pump fully dressed anywhere.

Plus, they’re:

  • Made entirely from BPA-free materials

  • Hygienic closed system pumps preventing breastmilk from backing up into the pump to guard against contamination

  • Easy to clean and assemble with new one-piece breast shields instead of several parts in other brands.

We also provide accessories to make pumping on the move easier including reusable breastmilk storage bags to keep expressed milk fresh and safe in the fridge or freezer.