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Funmi Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump

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Double pumping increases milk production by raising your body’s production of prolactin!

The Funmi Double Wearable Electric Breast Pump combines the powerful suction of a hospital-grade pump (but weighing only 20.5g) with hands-free milk collection cups worn in your bra allowing you to pump fully dressed anywhere. Making it the Best Electric Breast Pump available in the market.

This pump is rechargeable and made entirely from BPA-free materials with a hygienic closed pumping system which prevents breastmilk from backing up into the pump to guard against contamination. It is easy to clean and assemble with new one-piece breast shields instead of several parts in other brands, so it's also simple to assemble.

Responsive & Adaptable - Automatically switches from Stimulation to Expression after 2 minutes, and switches itself off after 30 minutes.

Personal Fit - Includes 28mm and 24mm silicone breast shields that mould perfectly to your breasts for a personalised comfortable fit.

Handsfree - Worn in your bra so you can pump fully dressed anywhere

Double Pump - Save time while maximizing milk output with double pumping

Single Pump Option - Includes single tube for single pumping while feeding baby

Large Capacity - Holds 240ml of breastmilk from each breast (double other brands) so you don't have to interrupt your pumping session to empty

Quiet - So you can breastfeed while pumping

USB Rechargeable Battery - Full charge lasts 90 minutes


Pump motor x1, Base stand x1, USB charging cable x1, Double tube x1, Single tube x1, 24mm silicone breast shields x2, 28mm silicone breast shields x2, 240ml milk collection cups x2, Silicone diaphragm x2, Diaphragm cover x2